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Enable and Administrate Forefront online protection for exchange (FOPE) With Microsoft BPOS

If you are a Microsoft BPOS customer and uses online exchange you might not aware about “Forefront online protection for exchange” unless you get any quarantine spam notification mail .This is a feature to prevent spam/virus filtering

By default settings if any of the user in your online exchange (BPOS /Office 360) get spam mails it will quarantine the message and send one notification mail to user once in 3 days

As an admin of your company you might need to administer this feature So Microsoft will provide you the access .For that you need to create a support ticket on your BPOS admin console

To create ticket

Login to your Admin console (eg: https://admin.emea.microsoftonline.com) à go to support tab à create new ticket

Then they will provide you access to your BPOS admin account

    * Access to the FOPE administration website at https://admin.messaging.microsoft.com

    * Access to the quarantine website at https://quarantine.messaging.microsoft.com

 Frist use https://admin.messaging.microsoft.com

Username : your primary email account

Password : For password need click  “need password” link

 By using Admin URL you add users and administer FOPE and other things . Quarantine link will give you view to your spam quarantine and move to inbox if need


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