Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (ADLDS)

For installing and configuring AD LDS Instance in windows 2008 Server follow the links


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Xp internet security 2011 -Malware removal

“Xp internet security 2011” is a rogue malware will produce fake protection alerts and deny you from acess or download antimalware programs

Removal steps

This malware /virus would block you to run anti malware programs So we need to stop the virus processess first So….

1 . Download rkill from

2. save it in to desktop

3. double click the exe to run rkill

rkill will stop all the process related with “Xp internet security 2011”

Do not restart the machine after rinning rkill

4. Dowload latest version of Malwarebytes from

5. install and update malwarebytes

6.give a full scan

7. Remove detected treats after scan and restart the machine

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Exchange public folder uses to share Outlook Local address book and create common calendar

With the help of exchange public folder features we can do different things that will satisfy your clients (users) daily needs

Recently I have use this features to share local address book of one user to others and also I have created Global calendars also that every one in the organization can view and edit the calendar

In this scenario We  have Exchange server and client outlook 2007

To create Global calendar


  • 1. Log into your mailbox using Outlook, navigate to Public Folders > All Public

Folders and locate the necessary Top-Level Public Folder. Right-click on it and             select New Folder in the pop-up menu.

  • Type in a name for the Shared Calendar, select Calendar Items in the Folder Contains drop-down list and hit OK.

2.  In order to set up the subfolder as a Shared Calendar, you will need

to assign client  permissions for this folder:

  • Right-click the Shared Calendar folder, select Properties.
  • Go to Permissions tab.
  • Hit Add and choose users and/or groups you wish to grant access permissions to.
  • Select required permissions level in the appropriate drop-down list and hit OK.


To Share the local address book of a user

Go through the same way above

Remember to select contacts as the Folder contains in step 2

Then open your Local address book and drag the contacts to new contacts foder uner public folder >> all public folder


Looks fine na !!!!!!!!

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Simple port scanning using linux

To scan the open ports in a remote machine or server we can use a linux command that is

root]# nmap -v -P0  < your remote ip or Domain name >

The result will give you list of opened ports

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ASP.NET Ajax client-side framework failed to load

I have spent almost 2.30 hrs to find the fix that’s why am posting this. Normally this error gets in Internet Explorer

Error contents:

” Message: ASP.NET Ajax client-side framework failed to load. ”

” Message: ‘Sys’ is undefined ”

Solution found:

Quick Look on Fix:

“We found this error being thrown because it was looking for MicrosoftAjax.debug.js in the source, but we had not deployed this script with our website, hence the error.
Turning the web.config entry from to
caused the autogenerated client side script to look for MicrosoftAjax.js, which we did deploy, and the problem went away”

Please go through the forum for more details about the root cause of this error

Thank you, all please leave comments if its helps you

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Exchange OWA configuration in Iphone

Hi all,

Thsis is how I did get my iphone working with Exchange

Steps are provided with the apple iphone user manual But there is a slight change in step 12 at least in my case

The following steps show you how to
configure an Exchange account via
1. On the Home screen, tap Settings.
2. Scroll down the screen.
3. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

4. Tap Add Account.
5. Tap Microsoft Exchange

6. Enter your email address.
7. Enter your domain.
8. Enter your username

9. Scroll down the screen and enter
your password.

10. Enter a description of the
account. (The default is your email
11. Tap Next.The account information
is verified, and you see the
Exchange screen with your information
and some additional
fields. (If the security certificate or
other information can’t be verified,
just tap Accept anyway.)

12. Enter the server address. If you are
using OWA, this might be something
You don’t enter the https:// before
the address you use to move to
the server via a web browser or
the /exchange after that address.
If you’re not using OWA, enter the
address provided by your IT


13. Tap Next.The account information
is verified, and you see the controls
that enable you to determine
which information is synced on an

14. Tap ON for any of the information
you don’t want to be moved onto
an iPhone; its status becomes OFF
to show you it won’t be moved
onto the iPhone. If ON is shown,
that information is moved onto
the iPhone.
15. Tap Done.The sync is configured,
and you move back to the Mail,
Contacts, Calendars screen where
you see your Exchange account.
Under the account description,
you see the information that is
being synced with the account,
such as Mail or Calendars.
16. Tap your Exchange account.

17. Tap Mail Days to Sync

18. Tap the amount of time over
which Exchange information
should be synced. For example, to
have one week of Exchange information
on an iPhone, tap 1 Week.
19. Tap the Return button, which is
labeled with your email account’s


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Easy Way to install PHP on windows

Hi all,

I always feel its quite difficult to install and configure PHP versions in windows machine

Its requires when we neeed to host Php sites on our IIS .here I found such a easy way to install and configure PHP on windows based systems

In this section we are using Microsoft web platform installer

By this method we can install and configure not only php but also number of extensions, SQL Server, ASP.NET, PHP, and a wide range of free web applications and tools

And in the web application section we have more open source PHP application like WordPress, drupal, Sugar CRM…..

So let start download Microsoft Web platform installer from here

Microsoft Web platform installer

And I say thank to these Guys to guide me

more details

I think this one is the easy method to istall , PHP, Mysql, wordpress ,and SugarCRM

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